Catherine A. Blanchard

At the Annual Meeting in Utrecht on 4 November 2016
the J.P.A François Prize was awarded to:

Ms. Catherine A. Blanchard

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A revised version of the paper was published in the Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 53 (2015), p. 66-118.

mr. Martijn J. Keeman received honourable mention.

The Board of the

Royal Netherlands Society of International Law


those who are students at, or have obtained a Master’s degree from, a Dutch university, to submit a paper or other similar writing (not being a Ph.D. thesis, a book, a published article or another publication that has been judged externally) on a subject of public international law or private international law to compete for the

François Prize 2016

provided that on 31 December 2015 they have passed their exam less than two (2) years ago.

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The Jury of the François Prize received eighteen submissions for this year’s Prize. Most of the submissions deal with a public international law subject. Only one submission concerns a topic of private international law. In 2014 also, the Jury had to conclude that the number of submissions in the field of private international law was lagging far behind when compared to the number of submissions in the field of public international law. If this phenomenon is indicative of the position that private international law currently occupies in academic education in the Netherlands, there is – in view of the societal relevance of private international law in a strongly internationalised society – cause for some concern.

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