Spring Meeting 2016

Migration, Refugees and International Law


  • drs. Bram van Ojik
    Special Envoy for Migration, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • prof. dr. Ashley B. Terlouw
    Professor of Sociology, Radboud University, Nijmegen
    Board Member Centre of Migration Law, Nijmegen
  • dr. Hans van Loon
    Former Secretary General of the Hague Conference onPrivate International Law

The Spring Meeting was held on Wednesday 25 May 2016 in The Hague

Asylum, migration and refugee issues dominate the news, and confront the community of international lawyers with pertinent questions as to clashes between political pragmatism, required given the magnitude of the problems at hand, and the obligation to live up to international law.  The KNVIR devoted its annual Spring Meeting to this particular topic by organising a discussion among the Special Envoy for Migration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and two legal specialists, together representing the two ‘branches’ of the KNVIR:  Public and Private International Law.  The meeting also commemorated the late KNVIR Treasurer dr. Peter J. van Krieken, who was a specialist in this field as well.