The Board

  • The Society has a board consisting of at least seven (7) members, including in any event a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer, who, together with (or without) one or more board members appointed by the board for that purpose, constitute the executive board.  At the moment the board consists of 19 members, of whom five (5) constitute the executive board.
  • The general meeting elects the board members for a period of three (3) years.  Resigning board members may be re-elected no more than four times.
  • The board meets twice a year;  the executive board as many more times as is deemed necessary.
  • The Jury for the François Prize consists of three (3) members, appointed by the board.
  • The Society is entitled to be represented by three (3) members in the Executive Council of the ILA, which meets twice a year in London.