The J.P.A. François Prize is a prize that is awarded once every two years with a view to encouraging the study of public international law and private international law.

This prize of € 2,000 is awarded for a paper, scientific article or similar writing (Ph.D. theses do not qualify) on a subject of public international law or private international law. Persons who are students at or have obtained a Master’s degree from a Dutch university are eligible to compete for this prize, provided that they have obtained their Master’s degree less than two (2) years ago (as set out in more detail in the Bye-Laws governing the François Prize).

The jury is currently chaired by prof. mr. dr. G.R. de Groot, professor emeritus of Comparative Law and Private International Law at Maastricht University. The other two members are dr. I. Boerefijn, Coordinating Policy Advisor at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and former Senior Lecturer in human rights at Utrecht University, and mr. dr. Otto Spijkers, lecturer of international law at Amsterdam University College and Leiden University College, and assistant professor in the field of Dutch constitutional and administrative law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Law.

François Prize

Jean Pierre Adrien François (1889-1978) was a Dutch jurist who served, inter alia, as the President of the International Law Commission and as Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (1954-1968). For more information, please click here  (in Dutch) …