François Prize 2022 Invitation

The Board of the



those who are students at, or have obtained a Master’s degree from, a Dutch university, to submit their Master’s thesis on a subject of public international law or private international law to compete for the


provided that on 31 December 2021 they have obtained their Master’s degree less than two (2) years ago.

Please note that submissions written by more than one author will not be accepted.

The submissions will be judged by a jury chaired by dr G.R. de Groot, Professor emeritus of Comparative Law and Private International Law at Maastricht University.  The other two members of the jury are Dr I. Boerefijn, Coordinating Policy Advisor at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and former Senior Lecturer in human rights at Utrecht University, and Prof.dr O. Spijkers, LL.M., Professor of Public International Law at the China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies (CIBOS) and the Research Institute of Environmental Law (RIEL), and Founding Staff Member of the International Water Law Academy (IWLA) of Wuhan University (China).

Submissions should be sent to the Secretariat of the Royal Netherlands Society of International Law, in triplicate and anonymized, addressed as follows:

c/o Ms. C.H.M. Verhaar   
P.O. Box 778       

Each submission must be accompanied by a completed and signed entry form and should reach the Secretariat no later than 31 December 2021.  The entry form may be found here.

The François Prize, named after J.P.A. François (1889-1978), was created in 1975 by the
Royal Netherlands Society of International Law
with a view to encouraging the study of public international law and private international law.
The prize consists of an award of € 2,000 and a certificate.