Traditionally, the Annual General Meeting is held in the afternoon of the first Friday in November.

The meeting consists firstly of a brief session devoted to the Society’s domestic affairs. During this part of the meeting the internal affairs of the Society are discussed by the members and the Executive Board, new Board members are appointed and a report of the Society’s finances is provided. This is followed by a public session, covering most of the afternoon, which is open also to non-members. Every year, the Board of the Society invites at least two persons to write a paper on a subject of public international law or private international law that is relevant to practice and scholarship in The Netherlands. These papers are sent to the members in September or October. At the meeting a brief introduction by the authors is followed by a discussion of the contents of the papers. In most cases, reports are made of the discussions (see below). The report of the 2020 and 2021 discussion is available in the video format (please also see below).