Annual General Meeting 2019

On 1 November 2019, during the Annual General Meeting, three preadviseurs – prof. Göran Sluiter, prof. Stephan Parmentier and dr. Antoine Duval presented their reports on, in summary, the progress and non-progress made in the field of international criminal law over the last 25 years, on alternatives for criminal prosecution and on the way companies have been encountering criminal proceedings.  In doing so they also paid extensive attention to the shortcomings to be addressed and the gaps to be filled in order to end impunity for international crimes.  Unfortunately, dr. Eva Kassoti, co-author of one pf the reports, together with dr. Duval, was absent, due to illness.

mr. Fons Orie, invited by the Board to do so, commented on the three papers.  Following these presentations, the audience was asked to add their comments and raise their questions, which led to a lively debate that took the remainder of the afternoon.  Many of those present participated in the discussion and, in their interaction with the presenters, contributed to a very interesting meeting.

Annual General Meeting 2019

From left to right: prof. W. van Genugten, prof. G. Sluiter, prof. S. Parmentier, dr. A. Duval, mr. F. Orie and dr. E. Kassoti

A full report of the proceedings will be published on this website as soon as it is available.